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released September 11, 2012

Written by Junclassic
Interpreted by Junclassic
Produced by Mr.Troy
Mixed by Mr.Troy



all rights reserved


Mr.Troy Paris, France

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Track Name: Figures


Gotta Give The People What They Need
I Got It and It Aint Gon Stop Now
Baby It Took A Minute To Proceed
I’m Watchin’ Rides Wit The Top Down
I Was Losin’ Crusin’ At A Slow Speed
I Cocked Back The Throttle In Da Hooptie
They Can’t See Me Blowin’ Like A Old Breeze
(Mr. Troy)
Keep Watchin’ I’m Bout To Make A Movie


Man In The Land Of Rockweilders
Fam Can Get Devoured Like Clam Chowder
Banned In The Tower For Handling Power
Had Me On The Lam For Hand To Hands A Sour
Canceling Cowards Hand My Damsel Flowers
Then We Get Our Hippie On For Various Hours
Dance In The Shower Scandalous Encounters
Have Ya Ramblin’ Steada Scramblin’ Fa Dollars
Move Wit Da Shakers Cool As Rule Breakers
From A Dude Who Worked For The School Newspaper
Ran For Class President Represent The Sediment
Like The Last Resident In Crack Infested Tenements
Interceptor Ahead Like A Kid Director
Give A Whole Fleet Da Beats Like Rzarector
Tryin To Floss Before Signing Off
Take The Reigns Ona Iron Horse
IPod On Ima Boss
Livin’ Above It Fittin To Thug It
Just Need
A lil Sweet N Sour For My Chicken McNuggets
Spirit Been Consumed You Ca Feel It In The Room
They Try To Stop The Rise Of My Helium Balloon
Hard Hooked SuperNova So The Stars Shook
Pen To The Pad Had My Hands On God’s Book
Verses With A Purpose
Turnin’ The Earth Surface To A Burnin’ Furnace

Track Name: Meanwhile

Uhhh… Yeaaa
Mr. Troy… junMaf*ckn
Yea Its About To Go
Ahh Haaaa…
Ummmm Hmmm…
Yea We Get
Oh Yea.. Yaahh

verse 1

Sane Ina Crazy City
Pain On The Daily Really
Rain Make It Very Chilly
Put The Flame To Many Phillies
But I Prefer The Dutch
If U Courteously
Servin Us
Thank U For The Purchases
Keep It Going Like Good Lovin Or Suge Thuggin
Soon To Have The Whole Hood Buzzin Suttin Like Wood Cuttin
U Put Dubs On Ya Girl Car
I Put Dubs On The Curl Bar
Ill Put It On WorldStar
In The Gymnasium Watching My Body Change
Teach You How To Shit On Folks Come On Join The Potty Train
Love To Run Da Underground But Keep The Gotti Fame
Push A Bulletproof Mazarati When The Shottis Aim
And Im Gone Nigga…
Fuck Is Wrong Witcha
I'm The Director Of The Stretcher
Get The Long Picture?
Got Better Vegetables To Attend To
There's A Long Line
Ahead of You On The Menu


Meanwhile Just Me And The Crew Reppin
My Nephew Frettin Bout Gettin A New Weapon
Cool As St. Croix Playboi Be Hugh Heffin
The Devil No Trouble We Settle By 2 Steppin
junMaf*ckn He Kill Tracks
Make More Noise
Than The Boys When Steel Clap
Shit Been Real Black
No Kids Meal Crap
Mr. Troy and Ya Boy
Bringing That Feel Back

Verse 2

All You Doubters
Wilder Than The Caucus Mountains
I Buy My Time Writing Rhymes
Inside Haunted Houses
My Tru Religion is Ya Crucifixion
I Want You To Listen
Muslim Jew Christian
Whatever Ya Superstition
My Name junclassic I Ain’t New At It
Used To Wanna Get Put On Like New Fabric
Stopped That Like A Crude Habit
I Just Rhyme To The Beat
Watch It Hit Da Street Like Blue Magic
Awww Yawl Da God Getting’ Heard
Watch Em Nod To The Words
As They Bob By Da Curb
That’s The Eagerness
Of G's Needing Leadership
The Tired N Da Sick
Done Reached A Pitch That’s Feverish
And I Got The Antidote
For Your Cantaloupe
Cause I Put In Work
Like Them Folk
On Banana Boats
... Holdin’ Onto Hope Like My Last Dollar
... Pray it Ain't Today I See My Last Hour

Track Name: Creepin'


Creep Like A Thief When I Be On The Stroll
Street Full Of Heat See Police On Patrol
Try To Be Discreet With The Weed When I Roll
Same When It’s Heat That I Need For The Cold
A Fella Breed Enemies When He Bold
Jealousy Cause His Pedigree Isn’t Mold
Deep How A Beat Could Feed The Soul
Prolly Have Slang In My Speech Till I’m Old

Verse 1

Taking A Walk Another Day In New York
I Love The Way That We Talk Its Like Playin’ A Sport
Gotta Know What You Doin Or Face Exposure To Ruin
Good To Roll Witta Union Who Ain’t Supposed To Be Losin’
Ain’t No I In Team That’s A Ryder’s Theme
But Them Guys By Ya Side Hypnotized By Cream
Soon As It Seem They Ca Get More WithOut Cha
Hear Come The Bullshit A Mouthful I’m Out Cool
Learned To Be A Loner At A Young Age
Upgrade While My Homies Tried To Make The Front Page
Chillin On The Boulevard Pullin Cards
Till The D’s Hit Em Witta Charge Or Leave Em Fulla Scars
Few Real N Da Rest Phony
Reminisce Where I Once Smoked A Spliff Wit My Dead Homie
L Dropped In The Gutter He Said You Buggin Son
Even Tho He Dropped The Shit I Went And Got Another One


Verse 2

Of Thee Apocalypse That’s What This Probly Is
Our Mayor Is Tryin To Be Gotti an Shit
His Mommy Is Prolly An Obvious Prick
Skin On Ya Body It Gotta Be Thick
To Take All The Warfare We On Here
Long Stare Ca Have You Take Ya Fall There
Brothers On The Corner Pouring Beers For Those Who Never Cared
He Was Alive Some Of Those Pouring Woulda Never Shared
Frontin’ Like They Buggin’ For A Fallen Friend
Playing A Part That Don’t Belong To Them
Yall’s A Ball of Phlegm
Just How I Feel Tho
Still Be Keepin It Real Yo
Treat Is To Eat A Good Meal Bro
Sleep Where The Steel is Real Close
On-point Can’t Deny It Focused Like I’m Laser Guided
My Hood’s A L.A. Riot Cop Da Good Where They Supply It
While Immaculate Faces Are Catchin’ Cases
My Youngin’s Backin Out On These Busters Who Act Audacious
New York Territory Is Da Shit
Just Another Story From The Strip
Track Name: Dedicated

To You Baby
I Loved You
Still… Love Yo Ass…


The Savagest Beast Who I Marry Kelis?
I’m Just Playin I’m Just Sayin
Why You Grabbin Them Sheets Maam?
Know U Love The Beef
Lemme Have You At Least Damn
All The Politics Like The Bitch Run C Span
She Love To Get It Cause She So Independent
Let Her Get Shredded Then She Let It Get Wet Quick
Love Her French Kiss And Bouncin’ Breast’s
Then It Exit She Get A Necklace For Breakfast
Everywhere I Go I Take Her Wit Me
Waiting For The Day That She Say She Miss Me
Or May She Kiss Me
But She Rather Play N Diss Me
Then Ever Say We Making History
The Bitch Ca Be So Cold Head Fulla Helium
Cause She Know Other Motherfuckers Be Feelin Em
Will Pay They Bills For Them
….Kinda Pathetic Yea I Try To Respeck It
Now I’m Tired Forget It
All The Quality Time Like You Robbin’ Me Blind
Do I Look Like The Dude On The Lottery Sign
And You Changed Ya Self Was NY Fa Delf
Now It’s All About The Saints Blue Jays What Else
I Mean
Went From Local To Global To Hopeful
Now You Boast I Suppose You Supposed To
But I Know You… Wish I Ca Hold You
Buggin Out
From All The Up N Downs That We Go Thru
…I Just Cram To Understand You
Held Ya Hand In The Land Of The Vandals
Damn Another Plan That The Man Done Scrambled
They Bugged Our Computer Love Program Cancelled
I Say This Knowin’ It May Just Hit A Nerve
These Days You Say The Same Shit Different Words
Same Switch Yea This Lame Chick Just A Bird
A-List To Shameless Give Anus From The Curb
Slut How The Fuck Could You Use Me
Heard You The Groupie Get Passed Like Doobies
Heard You Even Gave A Nigga Ass At The Movies
Touchdown You’se A Bust Down That’s a Loosey
In Shock Cause I Thought You Was Tip-Top
Used To Give Props Now I Hope You Get Shot
New Wrist Watch Lookit You Big Shot
But This Ain’t About A Chick
This About Hip Hop…
Track Name: Choose

Mr. Troy… junMaf*ckn


This Beat is So Crazy. (CRAZY)! Yo I Used To Read Them… Choose Ya Adventure
Books. You Ever Read One Of Them Books Yo? (You Ever Read 1 of Dem)? Where You ca Choose Which Way You Gon Move? I Always Wondered.. if I Ca… Do That Wit A Rhyme… Know I’m Sayin’ Have The Listener Choose… (Choose My Dude…)

Verse 1

Ya Name’s Whatever
You Was Living To The Fullest
Got Caught Up Wit Some Kids
Snitch You Couldn’t Did A Bullet
Now You Back At Home Wit Momma
Gotta Ask To Hold A Dollar
Tryin’ To Stack Some Aunt Jemima
Need A Lotta Enchilada
You Unemployed You Gonna Starve
Wanna Occupy Wall Street
Or You Wanna Job
Course You Wanna Work
Here’s Ya Application
No F’s Right Slight Fabrication
Truth Hurts
You Chose To Lie
H.R. Got To Peep Ya Rap Sheet
So Goodbye
So Pissed You Ca Really Murk Shit
But What’s The Purpose
When You Feeling Worthless?
Concealing Curses
You Peep Ya Homie Car From Afar
He Gleaming
Gangsta Leaning Like A Star
Peep You He Smile Roll Up
“Waddup Pa!
Lets Stroll To The Bar
I Got Dro In This Jar.”
In Ya Zone
You Just Wanna Go Home
But You Aint Seen Homes
In Forever So You Roll
He Buying
Next Thing Yall Riding and He Drivin’
First he Hit da Curb
Then He Hit A Person!
You say “We Gotta Help Him!”
He Say “We Gotta Dip!”
You Say “The Kid’s Gon Die!”
He Say “This Not Ya Whip.
You Aint Driving Nigga
Plus I’m Drunk As Shit
Fasten Ya Seatbelt Or Skip
Cause I’m Bout To Split!”


No Pressure Next Move’s The Tester
Time For You To Choose
Time Time For You To Choose
Yup Its On You To Choose Your Adventure
Don’t Try To Hit
Don’t Don’t Try To Hit The Snooze
Ya Very Next Page Ca Be Ya Last Move
Sorry You Had
Sorr Sorry You Had To Lose
Or Be The Only Way Today
For You To Pass Thru
Momma Ima Make
Momma Momma Ima Make The News

Verse 2

You Say “Nigga Hit The Gas
Light The Grass and Pass!”
Fam Laughed Till He Gasped
As Yall Hauling Ass
Peeping The Rearview
But No Sirens
Till A Helicopter’s Light
Broke The Night Horizon
Before You Knew It
Police Everywhere
Both Very Scared
Ya Boy Shedding Tears
Facing Many Years
Boys In Hot Pursuit
Like “Stop! We’ll Shoot!”
We See Where This Leads
Lets Read Option 2

Option 2

You Tell Ya Man
“Eff Jail We Gon Burn In Hell
Ima Help This Kid
Try and Turn The Tale
You ca Bail.”
Before You Even Exhaled
Well ya Man Was Gone
Ain’t Make It Far
Crashed On a Lawn
Gashed His Arm
The Victim You Tended To
Was Exceptional
You Helped Him Get Medical
Attention They Lessened
The Charges
Aint Even Check ya Blood For Toxins
Probation Accepted
Ya Man Caught Attemtped

Thee End… Know I’m sayin? So When You tried to dip off with ya man.
Option one, yall got caught up. I mean he.. he hit a kid… he tried to run.
So… Option 2 when you chose to stay.. help the kid tell ya man eff you
Ya man got caught up and you got off good. Mr. Troy… take em home!
Track Name: Dreamin'

Verse 1

As A Young Teen
Dreamed About Comic Books Super Heroes
Now I Dream About Cathcin A Jux New Dinero
Used To Dream About Love My Girl’s Breasteses
Now Its About Sex Wit My Ex And Pearl Necklaces
Nightmares of Getting Knocked Red Neck Cops
Who Let Off Unwarranted Shots In Dark Parking Lots
Fighting and Swinging and Not Striking A Thinging
Light On The Stinging
Like I’m The King Of The Right Winging
Dreeaaaamsss… Dreams To Remember
Different Color Greens Like Leaves In September
Scenes From Yesteryear Dead Brought Back To Life
Talkin In My Sleep Cause I Need Em To Be Active Like
I Need Direction Slippin’ Wit Imperfections
Lessons I’m Getting Is Leading Me To Different Questions
…Just Trying To Feed The Team A Battery
…Wondering If My Dreams Will Be Reality

verse 2

Ever Hear A Beat
So Unique You Can’t Quite Describe It
Familiar Faces In An Alien Type Of Environment
Pain and Pleasure Interchange Like Today’s Weather
Ca Be In Front Of The Savior Friggin Say Whatever
Attractive Quality Like Gravity Irrationality
That’s How They Acting
When They Baggin Blacks On Technicalities
Oppose The View Of Chosen Few
So If You Plot On Me
Even Subconsciously I’ll Be Exposing You
Dream Warrior Like Freddy 3
Do A Steady B
Cause I Gotta Have It Like ED OG
Nightmares Of A Felony
Mom Tears In My Memory
Is One Inedible Recipe
It Was All So Simple Like Wu Tang
Protect The Innocent Change Names Like 2 Chainz
My Brothers Doing Cocaine and Murder Bids
All They Wanted Was To Give They Moms A Few Furnishes

Verse 3

Crimson Red
Visions In The Bed As I Toss N Turn
Often Yearn Let My Coffin Burn Loft Ina Urn
No More Pain Dreaming Forever
Me and My Brother Back Together
N We Dee For Whatever
Bright Lights Pierce The Eye Sight Time To Rise and Shine
All The Horror Scenes Just A Dream Deep Inside My Mind
Boulevard Hard Blessings Like A Hood Reverend
Need Them Hollywood Dreams With The Good Ending
Prosper Wit Da Masses Not Phosphorous Gasses
Obnoxious Attitude For Lacking Improper Assets
Momma Deserve Lotta Prada and Fur
Least Gas Money In Her Purse
Dollars For Church
I Got
Dreams Of Seeing My Nephews In the Spotlight
Laughing At Cops Like They Pay Us To Rock Mics
Cheesing Like “Yea That’s Us”
Daydreams From The Back of A Bus
And That Sucks…
Track Name: Apple Cider
Apple Cider

Mr. Troy…. junMaf*ckn…. 2012


One Day Ima Be Something More Than A Survivor
Feel Like A Lion That Done Walked Through The Fire
I’m About My Biz Like A Hitman For Hire
Ice Cream Dreams See Me Swimming In Bryers
Went From Being Driven To The Driver
Now I’m On A Mission Let Em Hand Out My Flyer
(Come On)
Do The Dishes Better Go Get A Dryer
Yea Spoiled Rotten Like Expired Apple Cider

Verse 1

Tired Of The Rearview Yea jun I Hear You
Matter Fact Tired of Playing Musical Chairs Too
Up Down Stop Go Damn Make Ya Mind Up
Chasing Destiny Why She Aint Tryin To Find Us
Cool Me Her Half Way You Ca Tell By The Blunts
That I Never Really Did Mind Goin’ Dutch
Swollen Nuts Will Drive A Man Mad
Gotta Bus Pop The Clutch Hit The Damn Gas
In God We Trust
And I’m Working Thru My Trust Issues
Love To Puff Fluff Crystals
Runnin Wit Youngins Who Bust Pistols
But They Seeking A Balance In Life
My G Got A Career To Stop Handling White
And I Salute My Real Nigga For Leaving The Street Alone
My G Had A Fetish For Guns and Cheap Cologne
Now He On The Straight N Narrow
Instead Of Aiming Barrels
Looking For Better Ways To Battle


Verse 2

Mental Engagement Watch The Enslavement
They Wanna Enrage Us and Put Us In Cages
Game Never Changes Same Through The Ages
Like A Sage I Record My Rage On The Pages
Books Of Rhymes Keep A Fragile Mind Steady
Me I Got Plenty Bout Half A Library
Well I’m Getting There
Get Back With Me In Another Year
Specially If I See Another Hemisphere
Or Shed A Tear
Life Goes On
Night Till The Morn
Whether Right Or Wrong
Why I Write More Songs
In The Pine Apple
Where Da Fine Gyal Side Track You
My Grind Will Leave Behind A Time Capsule
So They ca Read What A Brother Went Through
And Despite The Stress How Much I Loved My Nephews
And My Nieces My Mother and My Father
My Brother Being Gone Really Made It All Harder

Track Name: Two Weeks
2 Weeks

verse 1

Awake And The Aim Is To Stake His Claim
Change Is The Only Thing That Remain On His Brain
Benz On West End You Would Think Dog Blessed
But Nah He Cant Accept It Ain’t Central Park West
Fresh Out The Shower Rolex and Eddie Bauer
Order Roses For The Misses She Love The Scent Of Flowers
Then He Dash In The E Class Mashing
Loud Sound Bound For Downtown Manhattan
Hit The Parking Lot Bop Toward The Establishment
Homeless Man Laughter Felt Like Foreshadowing
Lobby Fulla News Personel Flashing Lights
Locked Eyes Witta Top Exec Looking Mad Uptight
He Made A Signal Homie Strolled Over
Gave A Warm Greeting Got Nothing But Cold Shoulder
In The Elevator He Kinda Scowled When He Said It
“The Feds Got Us Buddy and We All Going Down With It”


Happens When You Greedy Tho
Swear Was About To Leave This Alone 2 Weeks Ago
How Them People Know
Don’t They Know To Keep It Low
I Shoulda Saw This All Coming 2 Weeks Ago
Got Me Feeling Evil Yo
But Them People Slow
Really Tho
Supposed To Only Be On A Need To Know
Wish We ca Go Play in 10 Feet Of Snow
Even Tho
The Game Coulda Changed 2 Weeks Ago

Verse 2

Sitting In Disbeliefe
Wanted To be Chief
Now All He Wanna Do is Weep
Hit The Beach Go To Sleep
Dream About A Week Ago
Before He Took The Deeper Roll
Wanna Scream No
Throw Himself In The Sleeper Hold
Before His Signature
Touched That Piece Of Paper
Wall Street Player
Meet ya Maker A Week Later
Discreet Floor Traders
Naw Yall All Traitors
Let The Lions and Tigers
Mix With The Alligators
Here For Years
Treated Like A Stepson
Go Head Take A Test Run
Pledge With The Hedge Fund
Working Late Nights
They Here Half The Days
Laughing Bout Ski Trips
and Shrimp After Matinees
Living a Lie
Figured Hey Give It A Try
Besides They Just Living To Die
Few People’s Life Savings
Got Me Looking At Life Damn
2 Weeks Ago
Had A Whole Different Kinda Plan

Track Name: Hey Youngins feat K.Sise
Hey Youngins feat K SISE


Hey Youngin
I Know Yall Aint Frontin
And The Thuggin
Prolly Aint Gon Stop
But Has
Somebody Ever Told You
If You Focused On Ya Vocal
That You
Might Ca Head Straight To The Top
Or Did Every Other Kid In Town
Try and Kick You When You Down
Remember The Ass They Kiss
When Its Connected To The Crown
Got Forever Man
Tomorrow’s They Playground
While Us Older Dudes
Move On Like Greyhound

Verse 1 (jun)

Childhood Is Disappearing
Kids Aint Kids No More
They Been In Wars Fore
They Get To The Store
Telling You and Yours
Whose A Whore
Before They Even
Know What It Mean
Aint A Teen
But They Thinkin Bout Cream
It Seem Like They Skipped A Level
Or They Sittin’ Wit The Devil
Been A Rebel
Hit You In Da Head
And Bend A Friggin’ Shovel
Man The Future
Kinda Got Me Nervous
Can’t Find A Verse
Without Some Curses
Wont Even
Try To Find They Purpose
But They
Ca Work a iPhone
Like Steve Jobs
Ask The Last
Book He Read
See If He Responds
We Need To Be Calm
Maybe Take A Breather
Cause I’m Speaking
Like A Thieving Preacher
Eager To Be Leader
I Aint Trying To Judge The Youngins
We The Ones UnDone Em
Done Brung Em
Take A Nudge
To Say We Love Em
They Don’t Need To
Retweet Me To Follow That
But Twitter Rules Apply
Cause I’m Learning
How To Follow Back

K SISE Verse (2nd verse)

I Know It Feel Like Nobody Listenin
We Trying To Show
That If Ya Mission’s My Position
That It Require A Lotta Discipline
They Saying Grown People
Don’t Care Bout They Predicament
We Made It Rain And Turned It
To The Puddle That They Sittin In
Listen Grasshopper
This Is Ya Farm Now
Soon Its Gon Be You
Telling The Youth To Calm Down
Showing Them The Proof So They
Produce That Raw Sound
Strengthening Foundations
So The Roof Don’t Fall Down
Tall Order Big Plate Large Soda
Imagine Little Devils
Trying To Touch Ya God Daughter
Or Seeing Ya Son
Get Beaten And Jumped
No Reason Just Punks
Who Needed To Thump
Cause They Was Angry
The World’s Making Changes
And You Kids Are The Front Line
So Know That You Should Never Fold
Specially At Crunch Time
Its Too For Real
How Quick Youth is Killed
So Make Sure You Grow
There’s Big Shoes To Fill


3rd verse (jun)

OK You Mad Lets Be Clear
No Travesty There
I Ca Understand
You Ain’t Ask To Be Here
Know It Left A Gash Somewhere
Yea A Deep Tear
Leave It In The Past
Like Last Year’s Street Gear
You Too Confortable
Name Ain’t Huxtable
Gotta have The Stomach To Run It
Plus It’s Too Much To Do
And It’s Up To You
So What You Wanna Do
Ready To Lead Tomorrow
Or Do You Need Ya Team To Follow
Even If They Have You Squeezing Hollows
All I’m Sayin
Slow Down Son You Killin Em
And Yo Homegirl
It’s Yo World Too You Real As Them
Maybe Realer
If So They Gon’ Hate
And Try To Take Ya Dinner
Make You Thinner
Say You Ain’t As Iller
See They Break Beginners
But Whose Beginning
These Kids Aint Kids My Nig
They Just Pretending
They Get Down
Twist Loud Sip Brown
Till They Done Hurled
Guess This Just My Way
Of Saying Hey Young World

Track Name: Inspire feat. Billy Woods and Verbal
Inspire feat billy woods and Verbal

Verse 1

Always Been So Pro Active
Go Go Gadget
Fa Sho Tho Yo Mo Practice
The Average Get Embarrassed
So I Have To Surpass It
Be A Classic Reestablished
My Passion
Make Me Wanna Be One Of The Best
None Of The Rest
Humble Success
Strugglin’ Less
(Much Less)
To Put Food On The Dinner Table
By Doing What You Love
And Getting Someone To Pay You
(I Need That)
Always Had An Affinity
For History
I Looked At Social Studies
As Some Old Stories Literally
Gimmie A Hood Movie
And Some Good Booty
Fat Doobie
Last Drag Off Ya Loosey
Inspiration Like The Devil
Comes In Many Forms
A Child’s Smile
Some Artwork
Biggie Smalls
Tired Of Test Runs
Come Hire The Best Gun
Tryin To Start An Empire
And Inspire The Next One


I Try To Tell My People One Minute
Yea In Any Second We About To Get It
I Try To Tell My People One Minute
Yea In Any Second We About To Get It
But They Got Questions
Start To Second Guessin’
Have The Kid Stressin ‘
When He Should Be Flexin’
Yea Man
I Try To Tell My People One Minute
Yea In Any Second We About To Get It

Verse 2 (billy woods)

Thought We Were
Moonwalking On Them Bastards
Turns Out Just Hustling Backwards
Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Buck a U-ey Threw Her In Gear
Packed Em Off
Back To Africa Threw In A Spear
Blood In The Streets
Crip Of The Year
No Child Left Behind
If Not Love Then Fear
If Not Fear Then Greed
That’s All The Inspiration You Need
I Put One In The Breeze
Wind At Ya Back
The World Under Ya Feet
Storm Clouds Overhead
Brass Rings Just Outta Reach
This Year Gonna Have To Leap
Hand Out Stretched No Safety Net
Talking Bout Get It How You Live
Well This Is What You Get
In One Out The Other
Lil Man Still Reps His Set

Verse 3 (Verbal)

A child's smile when you hold 'em/
Sunlight when it's golden/
Sometimes when you're old enough to know that life can hold/
A dopey soul who thought he's broken/
Woven in my clothing's opus/
I'm ferocious/
No wonder I escaped my pops' scrotum/
I'm the dopest/
If he knew maybe he still woulda been here/
And I coulda been huggin him
Instead of just feeling the air/
Now the air is filling my lungs and the foes is filling with fear/
'cause they feeling the funk/
of a villainous punk/
Whose fiddling in they ear, yeah/
Ma feeling severe cause of a feeling in the air/
But Phil Collins wasn't there to stop her eyes filling with tears/
So I do it for the years that I hungered way too young/
In the hopes it'll be easier if God gives me a son/
See the kissing on my back and the nibbling on my ear/
In the morning's what I'll be think about when rocking in my chair/
Heh, it just became clear/
Inspiration's when you gain patience from a conversation with air, Yeah

Track Name: Clock Tickin'
Clock Tickin’

Verse 1

Lookin Back Instead A Moving Forward
Like Saying You Rather Be Cookin’ Crack
Instead Of Pursuing Corporate
Rather Talk About Tomorrow Than Yesterday
With Get A Ways That Make Hemmingway
Put The Pen Away
Back To The Hear N Now
Yea This Year You’ll Hear We’re Round
Town Bound To Hear The Sound
Wear N Tear I’m Tearing Down
…Benjamin Grimm Getting It In
On Some Mike Tyson Shit
Tryin To Wrestle A Hen
Big Ben ain’t A Friend
Motivational Speaker
You Got Minutes To Get It
I Seen Jake By Ya Meter
Seen People Punch The Clock Early
Were Not Worthy Kinda Worldly
Non Deserving Did God Desert Me?
Plot Thickens As The Clock Tickin’
Got Rhythm and I’m Not A Victim
Also Got No Pot To Piss In
Time Is All We Got
Grind Isn’t Gonna Stop
You ca Find My Kind On The Block
Eyes On The Clock


…..Clock Tickin As The Plot Thickens
…...No Pot To Piss In Don’t Know How To Listen
…...Not A Victim But I Plot Against Them
…..Gotta Get In Where I Do Not Fit In
Lets Get It

Verse 2

Mind Boggled A Lot With Diabolical Plots
While I Listen To Women Talk Biological Clocks
I Mean Facebook Is Like A Al Bundy Reunion
Cause Everybody I Knew in High School
Is Married With Children
Spouse N Kids What About My Biz?
Plus We Need A House To Live
I’m On The Outs As It Is
Wishing I Had Bounced Or Slid
Or My Nig Had An Ounce To Give
Still In The Race Against Time
I Gotta Keep The Pace Fine
Ina Different
Place Like Deep Space Nine
Getting Older Like Ray Liotta
Remember Folgers Testerosas
Head N Shoulders
Seeing My Parents
Age Gracefully
Amazes Me
They Ca See
Not A 80’s Baby B
Lead A Different Kinda Life
Getting Up To Piss
6 Times A Night
But I’m Aiight…

Track Name: From Here
From Here

Verse 1

Dunno if It Was Star Wars Star Trek or Doctor Who
Voltron Robotech G Force Hot Air Balloons
Or The Twinkles In The NY Skyline
That Had My Eyes
Glued To The Sky Past Primetime
Plus I Grew Up By The Airport
So I Would Hear
747 Jet Engines Very Loud N Clear
The Hood Would Rumble Like A Cali Quake
Have You Thinking
Jesus Christ At JFK He Just Came Back Today
They Say Da 80s Crazy Baisley They Was Buggin Out
One Night I Seen A Blue Flash Pass Above The Clouds
March 2002 Mad Late At Night
Seen A Bright
Yet Dim Light Not Behaving Right
Moved Across Da Sky Too Fast To Be Man Made
Then It Changed Direction and Vanished Like Bad Campaigns
Two Flying Objects Unidentified
Cause I’m In The Hood Mean They Aint In Them Skies


Aint Not Near 1 Of Us Know Whats Really Going On
Whats Really Goin On Up There
For Years They Been Doing Research and Space Missions
Still The Facts Stay Unclear
I Ain’t Believe It But I Seen It With My Own Eyes
No Dust In My Blunt Ware
All I Know Suttin Aint Right Since I Seen Lights
Guarantee It Wasn’t From Here

Verse 2

Innercity Inhabitant
Tryin to Imagine It
Flippin Weight
Interspace Trafficking
…Defying Gravity
Goodbye My Galaxy
Milky Way Don’t Be Mad At Me
I’ll be Back In 3 My G
Intergalactic Dreams In Universities
Ruined By Debt
Degrees Don’t Come Wit Certainties
Gaze At Space
Wishing I Could Escape
You In The Hood Looking Up
Maybe You Ca Relate
I Used To Lay Up In The Field
In The Dead Winter
Couple Walk By Laughing Like
Look At This Nigga
Space Invaders
I Clock The Sky Like An Ancient Sailor
On a Dark Knight Alright Caped Crusader
I Used To Climb The Gate Over The Baseball Field
In Baisley Park To Blaze The Bark N Chill
Tryin’ To Find Orion’s Belt
Till My Eyes Would Melt
By Myself
Needing All Kindsa Help…
Track Name: Mr.Fantastic
Mr. Fantastik

Uh Huh… And Another One
Queens To France…. YahNahmShayin

Verse 1

Dark Clouds This The Sound Of The Silver Lining
R + R at the Bar Catch The Kid Reclining
Get A Piece It’s a Feast This Is Dinnertiming
And I’m Shining Like a Killer’s Diamonds
Makin Maneuvers Like I’m Racing wit Cougars
From The Get They Want Efx
Yup Str8 From da Sewer
So I…
Found Another Brother From The Underground
Said Mr. Troy I Ca Walk You Thru It
He Said Run it Down
Jazz an Some Soul Path To The Gold
New School Cool But The Passion Is Old
Hope You College Kids
Listen As You Passing Ya Bowl
I Was Told When You Hold
Be The Last One To Fold
…Just Tryin’ To Play My Cards Right
So I Aint Gotta End A Long Night Witta Bar Fight
…Really Wanna Make My Momma Proud
Blaze alotta Loud Escape Out My Momma House
Meanwhile Just Me and The Crew Reppin
My Nephew Frettin Bout Getting A New Weapon
Cool as St. Croix Playboy Be Hugh Heffin’
Him and The Devil Would Settle By 2 Steppin’
Rising To The Highest Degree
Suttin’ Like A Satellite Bout As High As Ca Be
Put The Torch On Frost With The Fire In Me
I’m What You Ghostwriters
Dying to Be


Call Ya Man Mr. Fantastik
Done Became Immortal When They Put Me On Plastic
Before This Happened My Life Was Stagnant
Had No Assets Lookin’ Out For Dragnet
Now They Call Me Classic Not That Bastard
Lyrical Magician Yea I Got Black Magic
Locked In The Attic
Make That Pop Like Static
Naw We Here To Clock A Lotta Cabbage

Verse 2

Put Em Ina Headlock From The Desktop
Best Pot Inhale Like I’m The Bread Shop
Going In and Out Of Them Ces Spots
Gave Da God Radar I Ca Detect Cops
Authority? Shoe Fly Ya Bother Me
That’s Why I’m Trying
To Make The World My Property
So I’ca Tell Them Flees Keep Stepping
Blow Smoke On Em
Now Leave My Weed Session
Warrior Poet Poor n I Show It
If I Gloated
It Wasn’t Meant With Ulterior Motive
I Gotta Get It Mentality
Never Bending To Gravity
Ain’t A Friend of Reality
Till I Triple My Salary
All The Hurry N Chill
Really Worry Me Still
Patience Taking Time
Like I’m Learning To Grill
At The Breaking Point
Can’t Wait Further For Real
So I Want It All Now
Like I’m Terminally Ill
We Aint Getting No Younger
Aint No Benjamin Button
Black Don’t Crack
But Die From Stress Like Its Nuttin
Its Like The World Is Against Us
But Really Just Wanna Be Us
Life Is A Bitch
Until She Touching My Penis
My Resume Like Chevrolet
Learn Suttin Everyday
Just Gotta Jot It
Down Like Hemmingway
This Is The Recipe
For Me To Leave A Legacy
And I Don’t Mean
Seed Like Sesame
Or A Pregnancy